Monday, May 9, 2016

Creativity Never Killed Anybody

I've always had a creative nature when it came to what I wore.  For Halloween, I always preferred homemade costumes as opposed to the store bought Disney character. So year-after-year my grandmother would make me a custom costume (I have the best grandma in the world)!!! So why? Most likely because of my infatuation with being different. I despised having the same, exact costume as someone else ... Not much has changed.

I absolutely love pointy toe shoes, or as my grandma calls them, "roach killers." Their super cute, perfect for work, church or casual affairs, they go well with pants or skirts, jeans or dresses and last but not least, they elongate the leg. And trust me, my legs need a lot of elongating. Side note - remember in the movie White Chicks when the Wayans Brothers said, "We got our knees done." I wish!  Anyway, pointy toe shoes and I are BFFs. So I have recently started jazzing up my pointy toe flats. In particular the cheap, plain ones that I don't really care if I ruin :).   So it's pretty easy and definitely adds another level of pizzazz to a plain jane shoe. You only need four basic items:
1. Plain pointy toe shoe of any color

2. Two jewels, broaches or button earrings

3. Hot glue gun and stick

4.Cutting shears 

Decide where you want the jewel on your shoe. Line up both pair. Remove the pin from broach or cut the pierce off the earrings. Make sure the location matches on both shoes. Then put just a dab of glue and lay down your jewel. 

I recommend during one first in case you need to readjust the location of the jewel for shoe two. 

Wait 24 hours before you wear, giving it time to dry good. 

Here's a look at just a few that I've done. (Please excuse, these shoes have received their fair share of walking.)

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