Saturday, January 7, 2017

Twenty Seventeen

Happy Twenty Seventeen my Big Bold and Beautiful divas!!! I have to say, Twenty Sixteen was a great year for us. Covers on Sports Illustrator and Ebony, leading roles in breakout television shows such as "This Is Us" and more. Being an African American, means that I'm no stranger to lack of self representation in mainstream media. Being a woman means that I'm no stranger to stereotypes and gender isolation. And being plus size means that I'm no stranger to lack of positive beauty and body imagery. So even small advancements in these areas I take joy in celebrating.  Although, last year was amazing...let me take this opportunity to openly declare this year, my year! I know we've all heard and said that statement before. Even I've said it. Oh well, so what. Who sever said every year can't be your year!! Last year I sat high goals for myself and I succeeded, this year I plan to be just as steadfast and diligent in reaching my goals again. To all my friends, family, associates and acquaintances I'm wishing you a year full of love, success, happiness, content and smiles. Happy New Year

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