Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Comeback FTF

As most BBB Think readers know, I shop at Fashion to Figure quite often.  It's my go to for cute, quick and inexpensive clothes.  It's not always my first choice but it's always the most convenient choice.  There's one located less than five minutes from my home and several others within a 15 minutes drive.  Well until last month.  the one closest to me, closed the week after Christmas.  But not before having one heck of a blowout sale that included $4 and $5 items.  So if you haven't heard, let me give you the 411.  Fashion To Figure was sold in the fall to New York & Co. or if you're an old school fashionista like me then you're still calling it Lerner.  According to my sources, ie. the girls who work in the various stores, LOL ... certain brick and mortar locations will reopen as well as the online store under the same name but with new products in February 2018.  Now of course I asked which locations, that answer was not so clear.  However, they did tell me that the one in Annapolis, MD will not reopen because sales were down at that location.  I was sad to hear that because I often would go to that location when I was having trouble finding what I was looking for at the other locations.  However, I was not surprised for that same reason ... they always seemed to have way more inventory in stock.  But the good news is that while shopping over the weekend, I walked past the one closest to my home and saw a sign on the window reading BRB February 2018.  So, that gave me a little hope.  In closing, I'm ready for February 2018 because I'm already having FTF withdrawal. I'm looking forward to the stores return and seeing how the products may or may not change. PS...I got TONS of great deals during the closing sale including this off the shoulder, lace top!  The black tuxedo pants are also from FTF and the boots are from Ashley Stewart.

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