Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Summer Lovin

Don't get too excited, I'm not about to divulge all of the inner workings of my love life. Reason one - it's not your business. Reason two (and most importantly) - it's too complex for this blog to handle. So let's get to what Summer Lovin really means ... I'm loving and living life to the fullest ALL summer long. I've had lots of great things going on personally and professionally. Along the way, I've been wearing some amazing and inexpensive outfits to match my Summer Lovin vibe. So what have I been doing, well ... everything. I gave a presentation on the Campus of Georgetown University, I threw my mom a birthday cookout, I attended the Beyonce concert (yes, Jay Z was there BUT I was there for Bey), I spent Fourth of July at the beach and so much more. So what have I been wearing this summer? Lots of dresses, lots of sandals and lots of - wait for it - sleeveless attire. For those of you that know me even just a tad, you know how much I hate my arms. Therefore, me wearing sleeveless attire is pure growth!  So I know what ya'll really want to know ... what did I wear to Beyonce? Well, the entire look cost less than $100 so that's something to celebrate. What I realize about summer outfits, I don't re-wear them from year-to-year as often as my other seasonal attire. Therefore, if I buy cheap clothing that won't last it's not a big deal. Here's the look!

Bodysuit: Rainbow - $10
Bermuda Shorts: Fashion to Figure - $35
Sandals: Rainbow - $15
Purse: Ross - $15
Choker: Claire's - $10
Earrings: Torrid - $5
Hair pins: Beauty Supply Store - $3

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