Thursday, December 20, 2018

Sparkle and Shine

It's that time of year again when I start scavenging through my closet, plus size clothing stores and BBBThink approved websites searching for the perfect amount of sparkle and shine for NYE. For many years I was in a relationship and generally spent the Eve w/ my significant other. And although I would still get dolled up, it's different when you're single and going out for a night on the town with your girls. So this year, like last year, I'll bring in 2019 with my friends Keina and Crystal both of which are curvy girls and love a cute fit! Have you ever heard that women dress more for other women than men...well I can attest to that. I love dressing up for the fellas but they don't always appreciate the work that goes into a fabulous look. But the ladies, they know! And when you're rocking a hot ensemble and you have good friends (ie, non-haters), they will hype you up and make you feel like a million bucks. Well, this year I decided to start looking early, last year I went shopping but didn't find anything, ordered a few dresses from ASOS then sent some back, made alterations to the final dress. Needless to say I was doing the most and unfortunately in a short amount of time. So this year, I went shopping right after Thanksgiving. Decided on two dresses at Fashion to Figure. Waited for a good sale/coupon code, which I got on Green Monday ... I'm still not sure what that holiday sale was all about but I'm thankful for the 30% off and FREE shipping that FTF offered, LOL. Glad I picked two dresses because choice number one was sold out in my size by the time I ordered. But I'm also glad that I waited because I knew I'd spend equal or more than the savings getting the dress hemmed. Well the dress has arrived, it's at the seamstress and will be ready tomorrow. By the way, I saved $24 and spent $25 on the alterations. Anyway, now I'm ready to accessorize. I need my jewelry - go big or go home, I need my purse - go bold or bust, and I need my shoes - go comfy or die (LOL). Of course I can't show you the finished look ... 1. It's not complete ... 2. I prefer to leave an element of surprise. But I will show you some of the contenders and my first choice dress. By the way, H&M always has super cute jewelry that's extremely inexpensive. And this time of year the sales are usually even better ... so if you have time stop by and rack up. Oh, please excuse the Uggs and lack of proper undergarments!

Black and Gold Sequin Bodycon Dress
Sold Out  

Red Hot Sheer and Studded Bodycon Dress
Still Available at Fashion to Figure
Holiday Green Oblong Should Evening Dress
Choice Number One ... Sold out 

Jewelry Sale Section at the H&M in Union Station

A few of the Big, Bold & Beautiful pieces I scooped!

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