Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Serving Oscar Curves

I love watching award shows! From the Emmys to the Golden Globes to the Grammys and most definitely the Oscars ... award season is a true highlight of my year. There's something glitzy and magical about the biggest night in Hollywood that I've been drawn to since high school. I enjoy listening to the speeches which of course are filled with thanks to God and Moms from around the globe. Both of which are extremely important to me so I'm here for all of it. However, the fashion is my favorite thing to observe. Who's wearing who, what's the color of the night, who's hair is flawless, which evening bags and shoes make a bold statement, and ooh-la-la THE JEWELRY. In my teenage years I immediately noticed the lack of body diversity at all of the awards but in particular at the Oscars. So I seek out the curvy women in the room and praise their accomplishments. Not just the accomplishment for their work in the arts but the accomplishment of strutting their stuff on the runway alongside women who are half their size with style, grace and confidence. This year was no different. I sat in my favorite chair and smiled at the sights of Octavia Spencer, Melissa McCarthy and other women whose body reflects what I see in the mirror. It's a nice reminder that regardless of my size, I can do whatever I want to do! All hail to these Curvy Queens who graced the 2019 Oscars!

Octavia Spencer

Melissa McCarthy

Queen Latifah

Ruth Carter

Ashley Graham

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