Thursday, September 5, 2019

Model On

I'm often asked what are my favorite plus size stores, how do I decide what to wear, where do I buy accessories and who are my style inspirations. Honestly, I'm not sure that I have specific style inspirations. Everything is an inspiration to me ... the weather, art, friends, family, decades, movies, food, furniture. I tend to go with how I'm feeling, the vibe of the event, or simply I just bought this new thing and I'm dying to wear it. LOL! However, I do have several plus size models that I follow and whom give me a different type of inspiration. I'm talking about that inspiration that comes when you see someone that looks like you, posing on the cover of a magazine and rocking an outfit that society would say they shouldn't wear. I'm talking about that inspiration that comes when you've eaten one too many carbs that week but you see a plus size diva on Instagram letting all her rolls hangout proudly. Those women give me inspiration that I can conquer the world. So if you're looking for style inspiration and/or body positive inspiration, follow these plus size divas because they're serving both.

Chasity Garner

Nakitende Esther

Leslie Sidora

Ashley Graham

Tess Holliday

Gabi (Fresh) Gregg

Denise Mercedes

Francie Maupin

Nicole Simone 

Kristine Thompson

La'Tecia Thomas

Chasity Saunders

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