Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Living my Best Life

Life is hard, life is short so I’m choosing to live it to the fullest. I promised myself during those early months of covid lockdown that I would not turn down opportunities to go out and about once things were better. Well God brought me through the isolation and has kept me safe so Im trying my best to SAFELY live a BIG, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL life. I recently went to a super cute exhibit in Georgetown, the Fashion Warehouse. This exhibit was a fashion lovers dream. It was fun and beautiful. Secondly, I went to the all-white extravaganza Diner en Blanc. I’ve been to this event in the past and it’s always a lot of work but also lots of fun. I was nervous to attend this years event because of COVID but once I arrived and realized our ability to social distance I was able to loosen up and enjoy. So I’m challenging you to live your best life. Do all the things, safely of course, but do the things! So how did I keep it frugally fly and what did I wear to these events? 

Polkadot blouse - Rainbow
Black tuxedo pants w/ stripe - Forever 21+
Red pointed toe flats - Roses
African print purse - Africann Designs

White mesh top and ruffle skirt - Versona
White ankle sandals - Zulily 
White rose headband - Amazon

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