Monday, November 15, 2021

What is This?

So in this edition of BBB think, I present to you “what I ordered versus what I got.” Let me come right out the gate and just say, never order from TB dress. NEVER!!! I ordered a few dresses from them last year around this same time for a wedding. I received two out of the four dresses that I ordered. Obviously this was problematic however the dresses that I did receive were very cute. The two that I did not receive I got a store credit for. So, roll around to this year, against my gut instincts, I ordered another dress for a different wedding. Because I remember the fiasco from the last go round, with the dresses being out of stock, I emailed TB Dress in advance to ask if the particular dress that I wanted was available. They replied yes, so I ordered the dress on October 16. I did not receive the dress until November 13. Yes, it took almost a month. Although annoying I could live with that because it was estimated as such on the website before I even ordered. Plus I have seen the number of news articles about delayed shipments from overseas and I’m pretty sure this stuff comes from China. But, I never got a tracking number, I never even received an email when it arrived. The only reason I knew is by checking the order details on my account. The bigger issue is what I received. It was nothing close to what I ordered. The dress that I saw online appeared to be a shiny, satin like, cocktail style, thick material that actually simulates something you would wear to an after-five wedding. But, what I received is a stretchy, thin, poorly made dress with weird sleeves. Let me repeat, weird sleeves. So weird it took me 10 minutes of trying to figure out if I have them on wrong just to discover they’re just made wrong. And material, so thin you can see ever dimple, crease, panty-line, etc.  The sizing is also a major issue. I ordered a 3X knowing that it would likely be too big but I figured it would be easier to have it altered down than up. Well it fits more like an XL. I can’t say enough bad things about this dress, because this would be a really long post. So, I’ll just leave you with the hard evidence.

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