Monday, March 21, 2022


What’s something you’ve always dreamt of? Maybe like skydiving or mountain climbing or losing weight or sleeping with your celebrity crush? Well there are a lot of things on my dreams/bucket/travel list and I recently got to fulfill two of them. One was going to Italy And two was attending fashion week in another country. So you can imagine how excited I was when two of my dreams became reality Milan and fashion . God works in mysterious ways because when I booked the trip to Italy, I didn’t know it was fashion week. Yes, everybody was dressed in their best ensemble, celebs were there, the city was booming with music, parties, fashion shows, and more. And although I enjoyed every minute of Milan, my favorite part of the trip took place about an hour from Milan in a little town called Bellagio. This town sits of the coast of Lake Como and the entire area is absolutely breathtaking. We took a boat tour of the region and it did not disappoint. Just imagine any European movie with picturesque scenery and I’m sure Lake Como could match the awe!!!! We also visited a few other quaint towns along the calm  and beautiful lake, Verana and Como.  It was a whole vibe, from the colorful houses peeking through the mountains and the cute little cobblestone streets and Café shops whipping up cappuccino and gelato. Italy was a dream and I am truly blessed to be able to experience it for myself. Most people travel to Europe during the summer months because of the beautiful weather. But when you find a great deal, you just can’t pass that up because of a little chill on the air. Thankfully the weather was perfect, and remained in the 50s throughout the whole trip (low 40s at night) and no rain. That was amazing considering some February‘s in Italy drop down into the 20s. So how did I plan for the cold the weather. Let’s just say I went coat shopping on Shein and I was not disappointed. Usually when I’m traveling, I’m headed somewhere warm so I knew my options were limited. I thought about the pictures and I knew I didn’t want to have on the same coat ever time. So I decided to buy a few inexpensive costs just for the trip. So, here’s what I got…all for under $100 might I add. 

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