Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not So Limited

As a teenager, I distinctively remember what the word SHOPPING meant to me. To sum it up in two words, “Scavenger Hunt.” Finding CUTE plus size clothes was like finding water in the desert or a “good man” in the 21st century. Your chances…SLIM to NONE!!! Don’t get me wrong…the trials and tribulations of plus size shopping created the shopaholic, fashionista that I am today. The thrill of seeking out a cute top or pant that fits my curves just right is almost better than eating a piece of pie. Well times have changed!!! The shop is still in me but the “Scavenger Hunt” is more like picking apples from the ripest tree. The plus clothing industry has taken off like a rocket and no one wants to be left in the dust. Although knowing this, it never ceases to amaze me when I hear of new places to shop BIG!!! So I was elated when my BF sent me a link to “Eloquii”…the newest line of clothing by The Limited. (I love my friends; they look out for me and the shopaholic that lives in my heart!!!) Yes, “The Limited”… even the trendiest of business meets stylish stores are jumping on the BIG girl bandwagon and I’m thrilled. I’ve always loved “The Limited" and as a youngster, “THE LIMITED TOO.” Although I could never shop there, since I popped out of the wound as a THICKI THICK Girl, my love has always remained. Well as I perused the “Eloquii” website, I feel in love. Not only do they have a section called “Get the Look” (for every girl who wants to be trendy but not sure what to buy) but they also have a tab called “Shape My Style.” This is really cool…giving ladies the option to shop for items that work best with their shape. Let’s be honest…all hips don’t sway in the same direction. So today I’m all smiles. Thankful for a friend who knows my struggle and thankful for designers-embracing the BIG challenge!!! Way to go LIMITED!!!

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