Monday, December 19, 2011

BIG boots

I love the art of fashion!!! The trend of what's hot and what's not!!! And right are all the rave in fashion-land!  Unfortunately, booting is not so easy when you're a BBB girl.  Just like your boobs, butt, hips and lips...your calf's are bigger than most.  Well ladies, it's not the end of the world.  There are tons of sites that sell wide-calf boots that don't look like they were made for your grandma.  Yes, maybe these sites are not so glamorous in their web appeal but fashion is about vision.  Don't look at the outfit that these sites pair the boot with because you might miss out on the boot of your dream.  Instead, look at the boot and imagine how you can rock the hell out of it.  Now, let's be honest...some of us have legs that the average man would lose his mind rubbing from one end to the next.  And every boot whether wide or extra wide may not fit that voluptuous calf.  Well, it's still not the end of the word.  I have a simple solution.  Find a shoe/leather repair shop that you would trust with your finest hand bag and have them add material too your boot.  Believe looks good, fits right and no one will ever really know the difference (even if they do...who CARES!!!).

So, here are a few sites that carry a variety of wide-calf boots!!! Enjoy...

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