Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rough Times

It is said that God wont put more on you than you can bare. Well I never knew exactly how true this was until now. Two weeks ago I had a terrible accident while walking down the stairs. I fell face-first, missing the bottom four steps completely. Because it was carpet, I was left with a nasty burn, on my face, hand and arm. If I were to say that I was not emotionally traumatized that would be a lie!! The fact that it's my face is extremely nerving. Now I'm terrified to step foot in a stairwell that I've traveled up and down daily for the past five years. I never realized how much you depend on natural beauty, the warming of your smile or facial expressions to engage in simple interaction with others. But all in all, I'm doing well and learning lots. Learning how to control my emotions and fear. Learning how to be patient with my recovery and appreciative of my inner beauty. Lastly, I am learning that deep down people really are kindhearted. I've received more acts of kindness since my accident than ever before. To me that says a lot about today's society. It feels good to be loved during this difficult time.

See how God works miracles!! It's only been two weeks and I'm already healing well!

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