Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Value of A Call

When you're down and out a simple phone call can brighten your day. It's the thought that someone cares enough about you to want to hear your voice~to know that you're still breathing. And NO, text messaging doesn't count. Text messaging is just not the same. It's the lazy version of a phone call. But what about that unreturned phone call that constantly reminds you that not only does that person not care enough to call you but they don't even want to know why you called them. Well DAMM!!! Now that's a low blow and a sure catalyst to make you jump off a 16 story building. On another note, what about the missing phone call from that ONE person. The one that you've been waiting to hear from. Because who cares about everyone else?!?!?! You simply want to hear from the guy who's captured your heart, the mother that your longing for advice from, the best friend that you've had an argument with or the sibling that owes you money. DAMN, the value in a call is pretty high. So just picking up the freaking phone and call.

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