Saturday, November 29, 2014

Origami Owl

Whenever I fall in love with something new, it's ineveitable...I have to share the good news. So a couple of posts back I had a brief tangent about my preference to gold over silver. My newest gold piece is by Orgami Owl and it is an absolute winner. Origami Owl is a jewelry line of charm bracelets and necklaces. The company sells gold and silver plated (costume jewelry) but great quality stuff. You can order various types of chains, lockets and charms. I love the overall concept, creativity and the customability of this product. Orgami Owl is a great gift for friends and family. My grandmother ordered a bracelet and all of the charms that she selected are memorial pieces to honor my deceased grandfather. So in the future I will definitely be treating her to additional charms that commemorate her LOVE. In addition to variety, quality and creativity...Origami Owl has unique packaging and I am a sucker for wrapped boxes, bows and more. It's the girly-girl in me. Well without further ado, checkout my Origami Owl Toggle Necklace with charms: "R" jeweled initial,  pink clutch purse, cross, and elephant!!!

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