Monday, June 15, 2015

S/O to Target

So one of my favorite spots for all things cute and inexpensive just struck gold with me yet again. Target recently debuted their newest ad for swim apparel and I'm totally impressed. The superstore giant used real women...with real stomachs, real thighs and real breast!  I had to give Target kudos but the real standing ovation goes to the ladies who were BIG, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL enough to debut their assets to the world. Some assets that society would consider not preferred but what I considered the beautiful truth. See in my mind, that which is real and normal is always preferred. I hope to see more ads like this in the future. Ads that encourage young and seasoned women to appreciate and love their bodies.  So shout out to Target and all the ladies in this ad but especially Chante our BBW or as I like to say our BBB representative!!!  You ladies ROCK!!!

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