Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Queen of Spinach

I recently completed a one-week raw food challenge! I know right...yay for me!  I call it a challenge because that's exactly what it was.  CHALLENGING!  See, I'm a burger kind of girl. I don't often indulge in red meat but when my brain knows that I can't have it that's when I want it even more.
So for "nature week" I had dreams or in this case nightmares that involved burgers, ribs, barbecue chicken and buffets. Yes, I said it...buffets!!!! I don't even like buffets but when you're confined to eating nothing that has seen a stove, toaster, microwave or oven trust me you'll dream about buffets too.

Despite my nightmares and love triangle with a piece of steak and a mango, I'm feeling quite accomplished.  Entering into this challenge I thought, BBB you'll never make it...halfway through the week you'll give up, what's the point it's just a cleanser!!!! Well I proved my own self wrong! I did not give up and I learned a lot about myself (mainly my creative side) along the way. I never knew I could do so much with a bag of spinach :) smoothies, salads, wraps and more. And I never realized how great a simple cleanser could make me feel!

Well needless to say I'm feeling AMAZING and undefeated. Oh, and by the way, my celebratory burger was the TRUTH!!!

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