Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Comfy Chic for The WH

Super excited about my day! Even more excited that I got to spend it with my family. Yep, the whole fam...mom, grandma, brother, nieces, nephew, cousins and the boo all at the White House. Yes, my momma wanted to step foot in the quarters before the first black Prez leaves office. Yes, my grandmother promised to yell "I'm here Michelle!" And of course my nephew swore we'd see Bo. Oh well, you get the picture ... a day full of memories, learning, laughs, wow moments and more. As for what I wore, comfy chic. I went with cute enough for pics, professional enough to meet important people, comfortable enough to still be smiling after walking all day. Might I mention, I kept it frugally fly too! So here it is:
Shirt - Fashion To Figure
Skirt - Cato
Shoes - Payless

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