Sunday, September 4, 2016

When Parties and Shopping Suck

Recently, I got invited to a "Toast to the Decades" party. Pretty self explanatory but for those that partied too hard last night, basically an eras costume party. Wear attire from past eras...roaring 20's, bobby sox 50's, disco 80's, and so on. Well, four days before the party I decide to throw it back to the 70's. I had everything I needed to pull off the look. Well almost everything. What's the one, most important element to bring any 70's costume together? BELL BOTTOMS of course! Realizing that it was too late to order online, I sat out on a wild goose chase through the mall. After searching, with no success, I gave up and decided to DIY it! Yes, I brushed off my sewing machine, did a quick Google search, scrounged up a few items of clothing that I never wear and got to work. So, I have to give myself an "A" for effort and an "F" for stupidity. After pouring out a months worth of creativity I showed up at this so called decades party looking like a pure fool! Only 10 idiots, including me, followed wore costumes. Remember that scene from Legally Blonde when Reese Witherspoon shows up to a party dressed as a bunny and everyone else had on regular college party attire? Yeah, that was me! Nonetheless, I had a great time and I was one cute ass hippie.

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