Saturday, February 13, 2021

BBBThink Lives On

Dear BBBDivas,

I debated long and hard about discontinuing this blog. In December I endured the devastating loss of my mom which has not only rocked my world but caused me to reassess EVERYTHING. However, the more I thought about BBBThink and its readers, I realized that it’s a healthy outlet for me and them. So, I’ve decided that the blog will live on. However, the information may look, feel and be presented differently or less frequently but I hope you come along for the ride. So on to my favorite new trend. Are you wearing headbands? I hope so because I’m rocking them and loving it! Forever21 is running a sale through Feb. 16, additional 50% off all sale items. I purchased these five head bands for the grand total of $4.50. Shein also has cute headbands for the low low, as seen in the photo below. Or just stop by your local beauty supply store which is where I bought the colorful stretchy headband also pictured below. Happy shopping...happy trending. 

Love, BBBThink

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