Monday, March 1, 2021

Off to the Awards

Dear BBB Divas,

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Who’s going to award shows during a pandemic? Well no one. Well actually, a select group of celebrities but even most of them are watching from home and accepting their awards on Zoom. Well tonight were the Golden Globes and it got me thinking. Since I won’t be attending awards, galas, etc again this year, I should get all dolled up and watch the 2021 awards from my home. Yes, I know a bit extreme but it’s kind of like spending your money on a staycation. You didn’t even leave your neighborhood but you still felt like you went somewhere when you returned home. So here’s to getting all dolled up...fancy dress, face beat, hair did, nails did, everything did and having a feel good night in your living room. And if you’re looking for cute, inexpensive fancy dresses checkout Shein. I got a number of dresses for my cousins wedding last year. Don’t judge me, I ordered eight because I couldn’t decide, four from Shein and four from TB Dress (only six pictured because two of the TB Dresses never arrived). Let me know if you take my advice or have other fun self care ideas during a pandemic. 


Shein Dresses

TB Dresses

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