Monday, April 26, 2021

Birthday Behavior

Dear BBB Think Divas,
My birthday is always a special time of reflection and rejuvenation. This year was no exception. Lots of reflection on the past year, a little rejuvenation, but also lots of tears. More tears than usual. I miss my mom EVERYDAY but I miss her even more on special occasions. And ironically this year my birthday fell on Easter so it was quite the double whammy. Nonetheless, my family and friends made it a day or shall I say a week of joy, laughter, good food and more. I kicked the celebration off with my amazing friends and family at Robin Hill Winery in Maryland. Yes, I know, such a befitting name. I spent my actual birthday at my grandma’s house with my dad, brother, sister-in-law, nieces and nephews. They spoiled me with cookout food (a fave), lots of gifts and a surprise sip and paint night. It was wonderful!! And I wrapped up the celebration with a girls trip to Virginia Beach. Normally I would have had some exotic escape planned but due to COVID I kept it low key which turned out to be just what I needed. Sometimes you go a away and come back more exhausted than when you left, VA beach was the opposite. It was just what I needed, a little sun and sand. What I learned this year, life is literally precious, literally short and should be lived to the fullest. I wanted to crawl in a hole and wait for everything to pass by. But with the help of a few special people, I pulled myself together, got dressed up, did my hair and makeup, put one foot in front of the other and stepped into another year. I guess the point of this entire post is to tell my village how much I love them and blessed to have them. Thank you ~ Thank you

So I know y’all just want to know what I wore, LOL! Well here it is and yes, I kept it very frugally least for the most part.
Shirt - Madrag ... Pants - Ashley Stewart ... Shoes - Walmart
Headband - Shein ... Ring - Street Vendor in Miami ... Purse - Chanel
Bathing Suit- Shein ... Headband - Forever 21
Shirt - Madrag ... Pants - Forever 21 Plus ... Shoes - Walmart ... Purse - Vintage
Swimsuit - Shein ... Necklace - Witter Shop
Jacket - Rainbow ... Pants - Fashion Nova ... Shoes - Walmart
Dress - Rainbow ... Headband - Forever 21 ... Sunglasses - I forgot, LOL!! 

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