Friday, August 26, 2011

Armoured Jewelry

The biggest dilema when preparing to step out of my house is deciding what to wear...something that matches my jewelry and doesn't make my arms look fat!  Well last night I failed!!!  The dress was hot, and the jewelry was even hotter (by the way, my Madam of Glam piece arrived) but my arms looked HUGE!  Not Free Willy HUGE more like Godzilla HUGE.  And yes, I know half the women in America think they're fat when they look in the mirror but if they really knew what "looking fat" felt like there would be more slit wrist from day-to-day. 

On another note, last night I attended the J. Pierre concert.  J is an artist that I promote and he rocked the house!  Check out the pictures and video.

 Me wearing Madame of Glam

 J. Pierre (R&B Artist)

 Fan showing off her J. Pierre swag!!!

J. Pierre and Rico Jerome (aka Angel w/ Dirty Wingz)

J. Pierre performing live @ Lace Lounge in DC