Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's About BBB Time

Now that I've had this blog for over a month and feel that the design elements are slightly perfect (my OCD coming out) I can now submit my first post.  This blog is intended to do so many things, not just for you but for me.  It's my platform to express so much of what I wish to share and at times just have to get off my chest!  I'm passionate about almost all things and love to let others know what I know.  Whether it's about a HOT new dress I bought or a CD that sucks.  If I think it, I will most likely say it.  And here is where that will all go down!  And speaking of new things that I just bought...a Madam of Glam necklace that I'm so desperately waiting to arrive in the mail.  Trust, pics of this stunning piece ON ME are coming soon!

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