Monday, August 29, 2011

Weighting through the Storm

By Friday, August 26 my local grocery store was wiped out!!!  Irene had us buying up every loaf of bread, case of water, generators and even Ramen Noodles.  It was no surprised to me that I received an email from one of my best friends on this Friday, but what was surprising was the text and tone of this email.  She seemed a little panicked...not panicked about Irene but more so panicked about sticking to her diet while eating non-perishable foods.  See me and this friend are weight talking, losing, gaining, eating, laughing and everything more to do with weight kind of friends.  We talk about it all!!!  From how fast we need to walk to lose 5 pounds in a week to how to keep your man turned on by the concept of "more curves the merrier."  She keeps me motivated and I try to do the same for her.  Well she had posed an excellent and quite mindboggling question.  How were we going to stick to healthy options during Hurricane Irene?  Upon first thought I had no clue what to say but after more thought I realized that not all non-perishable foods are loaded with fat, sugar, artificial flavors and more.  She helped me that day…I went to the grocery store confident that there were better options then chips and dip and Little Debbie snack cakes.  Every BIG girl needs a friend to talk it out with and on Friday, August 26, I was happy to have her! 


  1. Your friends are sometimes all best support, especially when they can relate to you. Weight loss is a continuous battle that takes trial and error. I'm glad that your best friend was able to help you. I'm sure you help her more than you realize just by being you & always being there for her! Love you girl! (s/n...have you thought about the fact we've been friends since MIDDLE SCHOOL?!)

  2. YES!!! We've been friends for almost 15 years and we've been trying to lose weight for 10 of those! LOL!!! UPS and DOWNS - UPS and DOWNS but we've seen each other through it all! Thanks girl, LOVE YOU!!!