Thursday, September 1, 2011


Last night was all about BIG, BOLD and definitely BEAUTIFUL TV!!!  I watched the premier of Big Sexy on TLC and it was great! Great not just because it glamorously showed women bigger than a size 2 on television but more so because it touched on elements that all women can relate to, from relationships to fashion, size 4 or 24. Although I loved seeing women that look like me on television, I realized how deprived I've been of this for years. So deprived that at times it was awkward and uncomfortable for me. I wondered if my mixed emotions are the same way people feel when they see me or other women with a little extra. That to me just means that I need to watch more BIG TV. So much more that it's not rare but the norm. Ironically after making this pledge, I stumbled upon the movie Phat Girlz and I instantly knew it was a sign. A sign that BIG is on the scene and it's here to stay!!!

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