Thursday, September 8, 2011


I hear the bells ringing, drums banging, and scales weighing!!! Two of my sorority sisters and I have entered into a weight loss challenge, a challenge that I'm clearly already losing. The plan is to check in with each other once a week (Thursdays), to recap on the things that have or have not positively worked for us on the scale. Well this week, nothing worked for me unless I sleep so hard I shed pounds by tomorrow morning. I am however positive that next week will be better. One of my challenge buddies will report success that i can piggy back off of for a FABULOUS next Thursday recap. That's the great thing about working with others...if you're going in the direction of Shrek instead of Peter Pan, hopefully one of your sisters will get you back on the yellow brick road! I love having a diverse group of friends...some battle weight with me, others eat-out with me, and most love shopping with me but ALL encourage me! Thanks friends, wish me better luck next Thursday!

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