Monday, October 10, 2011

BIG girl revolution

I am so happy to announce that MTV is joining the BIG girl revolution!!!  Yes, I said it...MTV!  Tomorrow night is the premier of their newest show "Chelsea Settles."  It's all about the every day life of a BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL 24-year-old woman as she settles in to her new LA residence.  Yes, I said...LA!  I give kudos first to Chelsea for making this move and allowing the world to enter into her life.  This tends to be difficult for BIG people.  We spend our lives trying to hide our BIGness, trying to blend in with the rest of the world, trying to cover-up all the things that we don't like about ourselves and the last thing we want is to nationalize our not so pleasant experiences.  Secondly, major kudos to MTV for jumping on the BIG bandwagon.  This is a channel that's made millions showing the skinniest of women in the world.  However, they like many other networks now realize that BIG girls bring BIG bucks!!!  I had the opportunity of seeing an interview with Chelsea on the Wendy Williams Show and she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I look forward to watching and supporting her show!

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  1. Hey Robin!! I have to say I really love this blog!! Yes BIG GIRLS are BEAUTIFUL!! Took me a long time to get to this state of mind about my being a big girl but I'm glad I've realized if GOD wanted me to be small I would be but instead he made me into a BIG BEAUTIFUL BOLD SISTA!! I missed the segment on MTV but I hope to catch it on repeat....thanx again my BIG BEAUTIFUL u much and keep the blogs comin :)