Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Winter Wooohoo!!!

There are tons of things that I've picked up in my many years of being a BIG girl and one of those is the ability to cover and conceal.  As I've explained before, I HATE-HATE-HATE my arms.  If I were to lose 100 pounds and still have fat arms I might take a knife to my biceps.  Anywho...that's why I absolutely love the winter months.  Not because I love driving around in the snow or speed walking from my car to my house and definitely not busting my ass on ice.  But what I do love, is the ability to conceal my huge arms.  I can't wear a sweater dress in July without getting the "what the hell is wrong with her stare?!?!?!" But in December I can rock the hell out of a long sleeve shirt, blouse, dress or blazer and looooook dang good doing it!  I've also picked up on the scarf trend and I'm loving that too! Who knew that a simple scarf could make you look slimmer...even with your arms exposed.  Well these pictures from my last publicity event (J. Pierre Breast Cancer Awareness Concert) are over a week late, but they're a great examples of how a scarf can transform a look and a shape.  So Wooohoo!!! The Winter is here!!!!

LS Rachel and owner of Sweet Stone Co.

Mario (One of J. Pierre's producers)

Pictured w/ Breast Cancer Survivors from All Shades of Pink

J. Pierre performing live

My LS's...Designer Rachel Shaw and Performer Dionne Eleby

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