Saturday, October 29, 2011

F.R.I. Etiquette

So, today I'm going to touch on a subject that's not related to fashion or BIG girls.  (All of my skinny friends are silently cheering now.)  Don't cheer to loud...the topic of conversation is FRIENDS!!!  Every friend holds a purpose and position in your life.  Some friends are your ride-or-die friends.  They are going to ride to your boyfriends house and beat-up the girl hiding under the bed.  Some friends are your passion-and-purpose in life friends, they're going to help you work through your career issues AND go to church with you.  Other friends are you fashion frenzy friends and if there's a mall that you two have not been to together then you are making plans to go.  Anyway, you get the picture.  However, all of those friends whether, ride-or-die, passion-and-purpose or fashion frenzy...they don't always follow etiquette. Friend Etiquette that is!!!  So, I've decided to lay down the laws...
1. Do not date, think about dating or sleep with your friends boyfriend, ex-boyfriend or boo-thing (it's tacky and desperate)
2. Do not steal your friends clothes, ideas, style, etc. (it's yourself)
3. Do not ignore your friend or fail to make time for your friend (guess what...if you do then she's not your make time for all things important to you)
4. Do not be a selfish friend...attempt to listen just as much as you talk
5. Do not talk about your friend behind her back (anything that you say about her to others be BIG and BOLD enough to say it to her face)

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