Wednesday, August 1, 2012


There's a time and place for everything and the freakum dress is no exception.  The right freakum dress can make the Pope's head turn, your dad buy you a robe and "The Bride of Chucky" look like Beyonce.  But would Beyonce where her stilettos and mini to a funeral?  Well I hope not.  And I thought it wouldn't be worn to my grandfathers funeral but I was wrong.  I guess there's just something about funerals that makes women want to show a little extra leg.  Well last week at my grandfather's "tasteful" home-going service, I saw more than a KFC chicken box full of legs, thighs and breast.  Now at the time I didn't have the energy to speak out but now that I'm rejuvenated....  Just for future reference, these are the "Do Places" and the "Don't Spaces" of the infamous FREAKUM Dress!!!

Do Places
1. The Club
2. The Club
3. The Club

Don't Spaces
1. A Funeral
2. Your Job
3. A Restaurant
4. Your Momma's House
5. Any Sporting Event
6. The Grocery Store
7. At Church
8. A Doctor's Appointment
9. A Job Interview
10. Any Place That's Not the CLUB

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