Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vintage Voyage

Recently I've spent more time in consignment, thrift and vintage shops than ever before. A good friend (One half of Chronicles of a Vintagista) and I have embarked on a new adventure involving second hand items. So needless to say my free evenings, weekends, and lunch breaks are spent perusing the shops. Regardless of the town, I can guarantee that I'll locate the nearest thrift store. So while visiting my mom this weekend in the Northern Neck of Virginia, I spotted a new shop called "Village Vintage."  Well why is it that you never find what you're looking for but always what you don't need.  I need a new pair of earrings like I need a hole in my head. But I couldn't resist!!! This vintage pair of 'nautical' clip-ons literally spoke to me!!! They said: you want me...don't leave me...you may never see me again. Not really, that's just what I told myself that I heard.  Never-the-less, they're beyond cute...so cute in fact that I can only wear them on my ultimate days!!! And my favorite cherry red lipstick is the perfect accent to this pair. The owner of Village Vintage informed me that the earrings were purchased at an estate sale in Fredericksburg, VA. So I started thinking, maybe I'm looking in the wrong place for my second hand findings. If Village Vintage is selling beauties like this for dirt cheap, imagine how little they paid for them. So forget the middle man...bring on the estates!!!

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