Monday, April 9, 2012

B-day Recap

Hands down one of the best b-day's ever!!!  It was drama free, simple but fun, and I enjoyed a little bit of time with all of the special people in my life!  In addition, I didn't go broke buying a new head-to-toe look...definitely a first for me.  The only thing new was my dress which came from Fashion to Figure and cost me less than 40 bucks.  I wore a pair of shoes that I brought earlier this year, made my own earrings out of jewelry that I already owned and I didn't even spend an obscene amount of money on food and drinks.  All in all I would say I'm on the right track to a productive 27th year.  Here are a few pics of me and my girls...check out the earrings in my close-up shot.

My Girls!

My college ace and deuce!

My co-worker/work-bf

Loving my new homemade earrings!!!

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