Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Inner Struggle

I am currently having a NERVOUS breakdown.  Not suicidal just a tad bit psychotic.  I think I've set the bar WAY too HIGH.  Not shopping for three months is driving me insane and it's only been three weeks.  I can't take the pressure...I feel like a kid at the zoo and literally every animal is trying to snatch me up!  Bad illustration...let's just stick to a kid in a candy store.  Anyway, you get the picture.  Everything I see, I want and it literally wants me to buy it.  The first two weeks were OK, I was just coming to terms with my decision but the last week has been pure torture.  Now, I can honestly say my cousin was right...I have an addiction!!! 

So since I'm not doing any new shopping or even looking.  This week I can't introduce a new "Pick of the Week."  But I will post the last five as a recap.  Think of it as looking into a photo album...the memories are still there.

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