Thursday, April 26, 2012

Color Embrace

BLACK~GRAY~WHITE~BLACK~GRAY~WHITE it's like a bad tune that's stuck on repeat.  EVERY Single woman I've ever known loves to wear white, enjoys wearing gray and can't live without black and especially the big girls.  Just because you have an extra roll or two doesn't mean you cannot embrace a little color.  Today is the day that you start embracing you and all your curves.  Hiding behind black pants and a white shirt will not make you only makes you boring.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that you walk into your super conservative office job wearing lime green pants.  But what's wrong with a pink cardigan to match your black pants?  And when you're not going to work, you can really FUNK it up.  "Color Blocking" is sooooo in and I'm loving it!!!  I've been the "Unique aka Weird" dressed girl for years...having no reservations about rocking my so called "mitched-matched clothing."  But now, society has finally caught up to wear I've always been.  It's spring and this is the best time to start embracing a new you, a new look, a new color. 

So you can get with THIS....

OR you can get with THAT....


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