Friday, April 6, 2012

YES, I'm in Rehab

After recent serious conversations with one of my favorite people, I can now stand and admit that I am an addict and my addiction to shopping has long taken over my life.  I've had these conversations with a number of family and friends but one of my cousins did the ultimate.  She showed me her entire wardrobe which consist of 15% items that she's purchased while 85% consist of items that I purchased, wore once, maybe twice then gave to her.  YES, it's true...I have a serious problem.  It's a problem because I'm not balling out of control.  Yes, all of my bills get paid and I've NEVER been late, I still save money and I give back to my community.  But sometimes too much is toooooo much.  I say this because I can always save more, I can always give more back to my community, and I'm still not a homeowner (one of my goals).  So, I've checked myself into rehab.  For the next 3 months, I will not purchase anything new (I'm going to die...I know it).  Well I started my journey with my birthday.  Yes, I bought a new dress but the orange shoes that I so desperately wanted to wear with my dress...well I didn't buy them.  I still can't believe it, I've decided to rock a pair of shoes that I already own.  Then I wanted new jewelry.  I admit, this is even more crazy than the shoes.  I have enough jewelry to open up two stores.  So instead, I took a necklace that I never wear, broke it and added the pieces from the necklace to a pair of hoops that I already owned.  I've decided to fully commit myself to this task thus having to maximize on all of my resources.  Revamping each shirt, pair of pants, dress, jewelry, shoes and handbags to look like I purchased it yesterday.  If I can succeed, this will be a true test of my will-power, creativity and designer instinct.  So pray for me, I'm in REHAB! 

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