Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Birthday Remix

I refuse to have a meltdown on my bbb-day.  Despite the fact this birthday, the year 27, provokes people to remind me that I'm almost 30.  Give me a break...I'm not a homeowner, I'm not married/engaged, and I'm not Oprah...all the things I thought I would be by 30.  So relax folks...these last three years are critical and I'm not rushing!!!  So instead of thinking about all of the major things that I need to accomplish before 30, I'll focus on all of the things that will help me look 27 forever.

1. Stress Less
2. Laugh More
3. Spend more time doing the things that I enjoy
4. Don't fall asleep with my makeup on
5. Sleep as long as I want, when I want
6. Live Healthier
7. Travel Travel Travel
8. Love Lots

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