Wednesday, April 25, 2012

BIG Pride

Since I've starting my journey with BBB I've received much needed positivity and encouraging words from friends, family, and people that I don't even know.  I never before would pay attention to the images of BIG beauty but now I realize it's ALL around me. I can honestly say that BIG Pride is alive and present.  Yes, the jerks are still out there.  The skinny people that wish they were fat and the crazies that thing FAT is FAILURE.  But I've learned to understand that those people are the true failures.  They are uncomfortable in their own skin and they're secretly hoping for a society of miserable people.  Why?  Because unfortunately, misery loves company.  So in order to stand true to self and not let the crazies get me down, I often turn to images of BIG Pride.  Like Victoria Janashvili who's collection of "commercial real women" photos is nothing short of fabulous.  These images make me smile, they make me laugh, but most of all they make me PROUD!!!  Here are just a few...

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